Our Story

At Beachcrest Brewing Co. our motto is Coastal. Community. Craft.  We strive to capture the beauty and essence of what makes the central Oregon coast such an incredible place to live and visit.  We're focused on building and enriching our local community by creating a space for friends new and old to gather and by our commitment to giving back to local important causes.  We believe in the artistry of hand crafting great beer and the importance of creating and serving the freshest and most delicious brews. 

Located in the idyllic beachside town of Gleneden Beach in the shops at Salishan, Beachcrest Brewing Co. is a family friendly place for visitors and locals alike to gather after a day of outdoor adventures to relax, connect and enjoy locally made and inspired beers.  




Beachcrest Brewing Co. started as the dream of lifelong musicians Matt and Amy White who spent many summers visiting the enchanting Oregon Coast.  After years of dreaming of living on the coast the duo made the plunge and relocated to the central coast to follow their passion of combining beach life, craft beer and great music.  Fellow Coloradans, friends, beer lovers and life adventurers Megan Leesley and Sean Sissel decided after a few great visits to the central coast that they too wanted to be part of the dream and thus team Beachcrest was born.  It is our desire and goal that with every trip to Beachcrest you too will get to enjoy our dream of the good life at the coast.  

Sean Sissel, Megan Leesley, Amy White, and Matt White

Sean Sissel, Megan Leesley, Amy White, and Matt White

Beach, beer & Beats: Music at Beachcrest

Beachcrest was formed around a love of great beer, the beauty of the Oregon Coast, and great music. Owners Matt and Amy left careers as performing, touring and teaching musicians to start the venture and Sean and Megan have been deeply involved in the Colorado bluegrass and folk music scene for their whole lives. Between the four owners there is expertise in vocals, piano/keyboards, violin, guitar, bass, mandolin, saxophone, flute, clarinet and electronic music production. Music is as much the heartbeat of Beachcrest Brewing as the bubbling of the boil kettle. What other breweries can you visit where the brewer will pick up a horn and jam with the band, or the owners may sing a tune?

Beachcrest has been fortunate to gain a great following for its music performances. Musicians and audiences alike appreciate the intimacy of the taproom. It’s a place where lovers of music come to connect with each other over a fresh pint and relax in the warmth of camaraderie and a shared love of the good things in life. Keep an eye on the calendar and join us for an evening of music on your next visit.


What exactly is the Beachcrest, anyway? The Beachcrest is the point representing the limit of high tide storm wave run-up. It’s the transition between sand and sea, the land and the ocean. This represents a transition of significance. For some that may symbolize leaving their normal lives and coming out to the coast for a weekend getaway. For some it’s getting away from the noise and finding that happy place. Maybe it symbolizes stepping out and taking a risk or following a dream. Whatever that transition means to you, wherever that special place is, we love to celebrate it. That’s why we created the #findyourbeachcrest tag. If you’ve got some sweet BCBC gear and you take a pic with it in your special place and tag it, we’ll put it up in our taproom! We look forward to seeing where your Beachcrest is.