At Beachcrest Brewing Company our smaller brewing system allows us to frequently rotate our offerings with an emphasis on seasonality and experimentation. We strive to make balanced and creative modern American styles along with classic European ones. Regular visitors will find the tap list changes weekly and there is always something new to enjoy.

Below you will find the beers we offer that you may find in the taproom. Don’t see your favorite? Don’t worry, we try to always offer styles to fit every taste and we listen to our fans!


Flagship Beers

If you roll into BCBC, chances are you’ll see these brews. Great all year round, these brews appeal to everyone’s palate.

photo be Sean Chess

photo be Sean Chess

Siletz Bay Hazy IPA

New England Style IPA

6.9%ABV 55IBU

This Hazy IPA doesn’t have the crushing bitterness of a traditional West Coast IPA but instead has all the floral, fruity and tropical notes of our Northwest hops and drinks like a refreshing glass of hop juice.  Just like the oftentimes-hazy Siletz Bay that our brewery borders, it’s an Oregon Coast classic.


Herbie’s Hazy Pale Ale

New England Style Pale Ale/Session IPA

5.5% 40IBU

Hops: Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic, Motu

Named after our family brewdog Herbie and dedicated to all the pups that love the beach, this hazy pale ale is bursting with citrus flavor and aroma but boasts a light, sessionable strength.  Just like Herbie, it’s golden in color, full of bright, playful energy and is just begging to be taken outside into the sun or onto the beach. 


Bonfire Red

Northwest Red Ale

ABV 6% IBU 35

Hops: Liberty, Citra

Few things can rival a sunset on the Oregon Coast and our favorite way to take it in is with a raging fire in the sand and a cold pint in hand.  This ale is dedicated to that moment.  Malty, caramel notes pair with just the right amount of hoppiness create an exceptionally balanced and quaffable taste.  Brewed for your favorite coastal moments.


Hoppy Beach Pale Ale

American Pale Ale

6.8%ABV 44IBU

Hops: Mosaic

This single-hopped Mosaic pale ale uses multiple hop additions throughout the boil and in the fermentor to bring forward all the delicious characteristics of this delightful, multifaceted hop.  Do you taste blueberries, mangos, stone fruit, bubblegum, tropical fruit, citrus, grass, pine, or spiciness?  Let your senses go wild as you quaff this brew.


Mayan Mole Stout

Spiced stout

8.4%ABV 46IBU

Hops: Nugget

Mexican mole (pronounced mo-lay) sauce in beer form.  Ancho, Guajillo, and Habañero chiles add flavor and just a touch of heat and cacao nibs and cinnamon sticks round out the flavors of this undeniably delicious brew.


Sea Storm Stout

American stout

8.6%ABV 72IBU

Hops: Chinook

There’s nothing subtle about this stout.  Stick a fork in it, and it’ll likely stand up.  It’s big and strong and not for the weak of will.  Adventurous storm-seekers will find a delight for the senses in it’s pitch-black body, chocolate foam and bewitching aroma.  

Adventure series

The Oregon Coast is all about adventure and exploration. We strive to capture that spirit in our brews, offering fun and new tastes. This series is dedicated to that spirit.


Coconut Double IPA

Double IPA with toasted coconut

8.5%ABV 47IBU

Just the right amount of toasted coconut takes this double IPA to a whole ‘notha level.  A balanced, easy-to-drink but deceptively strong concoction will have you thinking about that sun-soaked getaway of your dreams.  


InterstElla IPA

American IPA

6.6%ABV 50IBU

Just like the First Lady of Song this hoppy delight will transport your senses to another world. Pine and dank from classic “C” hops, pineapple and citrus from Mosaic and Australian Ella (daughter of Galaxy) mix in a Milky Way of mango colored delight that will have you singing Stella By Starlight at the moon. 


South Pacific IPA

West Coast IPA with all New Zealand hops

7.4%ABV 71IBU

Hops: Pacific Jade, Rakau, Motu, Wakatu

Notes of pineapple, pear and exotic tropical fruits marry with an ethanol sweetness and backbone of hoppy bitterness to take your mouth on a journey, like an exploration through an exotic forgotten island of the Pacific.  It’s undeniably Tino pai!


South Pacific Haze IPA

New World IPA


Hops: Pacific Jade, Rakau, Motu, Wakatu

Old meets new in this hazified version of our classic South Pacific IPA. At its heart it’s still a west coast IPA with a solid backbone of bitterness at 70IBU, but with exotic, experimental yeast from Skandinavia and new world hops from New Zealand it’s like East coast meets the extreme West! Flavors of the tropics and ripe summer fruits dance in this playground of hopiness to tantalize your tastebuds.



Gose with lime and sea salt

4.7%ABV 7IBU

Hops: Saaz

We may have created the ultimate beach beer. This is a sour beer that’ll convince you to like sours, the gateway to sour town. It’s light, crisp, tart, a little salty and has just the right amount of lime. We added kaffir lime leaves to the boil and straight lime juice after fermentation to conjure up the margarita of beers. Salud!


Sweet ‘n Tart Raspberry Strong Ale

Belgian Tripel aged on tart raspberries

10%ABV   35IBU

Hops: Saaz, Hersbrucker, Tettnang

This big Belgian ale was fermented on 28lbs per barrel of tart raspberries, which fermented along with the beer to produce a raspberry bomb that’s tart, sweet and just brimming with raspberry fruity goodness.


Coastal Knight Imperial CDA

Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale

9.2% 82IBU

Hops: Cascade, Columbus, Warrior, Bravo, Chinook, Simcoe

Our Imperial Cascadian Dark Ale is similar to a strong black IPA but with just a hint of roastiness and a delightfully creamy mouthfeel that pairs perfectly with the piney, spicy, resinous hops of the Pacific Northwest.  Like a night on the coast, it’s packed with wonder and delight.

old world brews

We love the beers of Belgium, Germany, and the United Kingdom. We tend to tie our Old World offerings to the most appropriate time of year when they are most enjoyable.

photo be Sean Chess

photo be Sean Chess

Honey Saison

French Farmhouse Style Saison

6.3%ABV 33IBU

Hops: Fuggle, Hallertau

Crisp, dry, light but full of flavor, our Saison has earthy depth from our Belgian yeast and locally sourced wildflower honey.  An ale for any season.


Sundeck Wheat

Spiced Wheat Beer

5.4%ABV 12IBU

Hops: Saaz

Everybody loves the sunshine and we brewed this wheat ale with that in mind. Whether you’re chilling out on your patio, kicking back in a beach chair with your toes in the sand, or catching some rays on the deck at BCBC, this easy drinker is sure to fit the occasion. We added coriander, bitter orange peel and sweet orange peel to a 50% wheat malt bill while keeping the hops subtle, so this one feels like it’s been kissed by the sun. Enjoy it with a fresh slice of orange and enjoy your life in the sunshine.


Common Time Kölsch


4.2%ABV   22IBU

Hops: Tettnang, Saaz

Common Time is all about spending time with family and friends, taking a break, enjoying the passage of time.  It’s also music’s most typical time signature, one that we can all feel and groove with.  That’s what inspired our light, easy, approachable Kölsch.  New to craft beer?  Typically drink macros?  Or maybe you just want something light and crisp to quaff on a sunny day on the coast?  Spend some Common Time with our Kölsch.


Duo Belgian Dubbel

Belgian Dubbel

6.7%ABV 19IBU

Hops: Hallertauer Hersbrucker, Tettnang

We were feeling a bit monkish when we brewed this Belgian brown ale in our tiny back abbey.  Notes of dark dried fruit team up with a dry and malty backbone to make this highly drinkable.  May inspire quiet introspection.   


Trio Belgian Tripel

Belgian Tripel

8.4%ABV   35IBU

Hops: Saaz, Hersbrucker, Tettnang

Strong, golden, and full of European noble hops, it’s a playground for yeast esters and alcohol phenols to make merriment.  May inspire revelation.    


OktoberCrest Märzen

Märzenbier - German Amber Lager

6.2%ABV 20IBU

Traditionally brewed in March and released in September for Oktoberfest, our Märzen is an ode to the great Oktoberfest beers of old.  Malty, crisp but also smooth, it’s the perfect beer for the festival.  Prost!


Fallfest Festbier

Festbier - German Light Amber Lager

6.9% 23IBU

Hops: Hallertauer Mittelfrueh 

In the not-so-distant past, Munich breweries started making a lighter beer for Oktoberfest which became the modern standard.  They called it Festbier.  Our take on it makes it a bit stronger, it drinks similar to a dry Maibock. It’ll get you feeling the gemütlichkeit!

Pumpkin Porter.jpg

Pumpkin Spice Porter

Porter with pumpkin, maple syrup, cinnamon and nutmeg 

6.4%ABV 29IBU

Roasted pumpkin in the mash, fresh maple syrup with some late addition cinnamon and nutmeg make this porter a fall explosion!  Don’t worry, we kept things subtle, so it’s not like eating a pumpkin pie, just hints of autumnal goodness with eat sip.  Served with a spiced rim for the ultimate in autumnal sensational experience.


Seisiún Irish Stout

Dry Irish Stout

4.6%ABV 39IBU

Hops: East Kent Goldings

Seisiún is the Irish word for session and it stands for the things that this beer is all about: great music, great people, and a great place to spend time.  When Irish musicians get together to play music, it’s called a session, and when a beer is low in alcohol but full of flavor it is said to be a session beer.  That’s what this chocolaty, roasty, subtly peaty Irish style ale is all about.  Sláinte!  

Milkshake IPA series

Milkshake IPA: hazy, juicy IPA with lactose, vanilla and fruit, it’s a delight for all the senses. We love experimenting with this style, so we try to keep at least one on at all times. Here are some we’ve brewed and we may brew again. We love being hyper-seasonal, so we try to tie the fruit component to what’s freshest and oftentimes pick the fruit we put in the tanks ourselves when it’s in peak ripeness!


Mango Milkshake IPA

Milkshake IPA

6.9%ABV 55IBU

Our Mango Milkshake IPA was a fun experimental modification of our crowd-pleasing Siletz Bay Hazy IPA. Huge hop flavor and aroma combine with mango, vanilla bean and milk sugar to make a fruity, hoppy, creamy delight of a beer. It’s a little sweet, a little bitter, a little tart and a whole lot of yummy-in-your-tummy. This was a one-off experiment, and it’s only available until the keg kicks, so come by and help us drink this celebration of mango-beer deliciousness.


Nothing is Real Strawberry Milkshake IPA

Milkshake IPA with fresh picked Oregon Strawberries

7.6% 50IBU

Hops: Amarillo, Citra, Mosaic, Huell Melon

Let us take you down, because we’re going to… a luscious, decadent, almost dangerous milkshake IPA with fresh-picked Oregon strawberries.  We handpicked over 30lbs of Willamette Valley strawberries from a farm in McMinnville for this seasonal treat and let them rest on a hazy, citrusy Vermont IPA base and added Madagascar Bourbon Vanilla Beans and milk sugar.  So tasty it may not seem real, but it’s nothing to get hung about. 

photo be Sean Chess

photo be Sean Chess

All Bluesberries Milkshake IPA

Milkshake IPA

6.8%ABV 34IBU

For our first collaboration, we used farm-fresh blueberries from Public Coast Farms and dumped them into a hazy, fruity and sweet IPA.  Lactose sugar and Madagascar vanilla beans round out this delight for the senses.  You won’t have the blues when you sip this ditty. 

One-offs and small batch experiments

We love to experiment at BCBC, so we often make small batch brews that only last for a single keg. Sometimes we pull some extra wort from a batch and ferment it with a different yeast, sometimes we pull some fermented beer from a tank and age it on fruit, wood, spice or some other weird adjunct, sometimes we go crazy with dry hopping, sometimes we do a combination of multiple things. If a beer is popular enough, you may see it become a mainstay in the lineup. To catch our small batch one-off experiments, make sure you follow us on social media or sign up for our newsletter, these tend to go quickly! Keep an ear to the ground for kick the keg events and similar occasions where these beers may only last a few hours!


Goserita Añejo

Gose with lime and sea salt aged on tequila-soaked Frech oak

6.9%ABV 55IBU

The Goserita Añejo is an ultra-small batch of our crowd favorite Goserita lime gose that we let sit on some añejo tequila soaked French oak chips. It’s tart, refreshing and has layers of honey, wood, agave, lime and a touch of salt.

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